Bel-Habitat, new home contractor in Laval for more than 10 years

Bel-Habitat is proud to make your dream home project a reality in the Laval region.


Bel Habitat: A human-oriented new home contractor dedicated to your satisfaction

Our motto: “Bel-Habitat, a home that’s truly your own!”.

Our team works hard to create a home that fully meets your needs and imagination. We have a large inventory of model plans that you can use as a guide or you can simply start to build your dream home from blank page.

With a focus on customer involvement, our team is proud to include you in the entire process of creating YOUR work of art in your name. All new designs made by our clients are bestowed their first name at the time of their creation and then presented to our future clientele. Real teamwork!

Our work is shaped by values that are greatly important to us


Whether it is towards our clients, our collaborators, our business partners or our employees, respect is always at the heart of our philosophy.

 Client satisfaction

The client is at the heart of our concerns. We are always available to answer their questions and satisfy their needs.


All our models are built to high quality standards, guaranteeing you a flawless and long-lasting construction.


We all work hand in hand to build your home.

We want to be the new home contractor who brings your project to life in Laval

Contact us for more information. It will be our pleasure to contribute to the creation of your Bel-Habitat: your “tailor-made home!”.